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Welcome to Causeway Connect

Your Partner in Sustainable Progress


Navigating the ESG Landscape with Expertise and Insight.

In a world where your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials are crucial, Causeway Connect emerges as your dedicated partner in the quest for sustainability. As consumer choices, investment decisions, and regulatory frameworks increasingly hinge on ethical practices and climate action, the imperative for transparent and robust ESG frameworks grows stronger.



Shape your future, today.

At Causeway Connect, we provide more than just ESG and carbon reporting


We offer strategic pathways for SMEs and large corporations to enact the meaningful changes needed to forge a sustainable future. Our services are designed to back your sustainability endeavours with solid data, ensuring that your efforts in diversity, equality, emissions reduction, and ethical operations translate into long-term value and growth.


Our Commitment to Your Sustainable Journey


Deep Dive Reporting: We craft comprehensive ESG reports that reflect your commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

Actionable Insights: With our data-driven approach, we help you understand the nuances of ESG compliance and performance.

Sustainable Growth: We believe sustainable growth is the cornerstone of success, both for businesses and the wider community.

Sustainable World

We're inspired by the potential for businesses to impact the world positively.


Our mission is to equip you with the insights and tools necessary to meet the ESG expectations of today and tomorrow. Join us, and let's build a legacy of sustainable success together. Get in touch to begin your journey with Causeway Connect – where data informs action, and action inspires change.


Thinking of joining the team.

Our ever expanding team is always looking for top level candidates to provide support to our customers. Visit our careers page and see some of our current vacancies.