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 Dedicated Experts

Tailored to your unique job specifications and requirements


We engage dedicated consultants to identify the ideal candidate for your role. Our team not only sources the perfect fit but also provides comprehensive hosting, support, and management services. We supply all necessary equipment, cover overheads, absorb costs, and mitigate your risks. Experience the impact of Causeway Connect's remote staffing solutions, meticulously crafted to suit your needs.



Designed to empower dedicated consultants and experts in the field.


Our consultancy-driven outsourcing model is designed to empower dedicated consultants and experts in the field. For any desk-based job, we believe our solution can not only meet but exceed your expectations, offering cost savings and efficiency. With over two decades of experience, we have successfully matched talent with businesses, facilitating efficient scaling and cost reduction. Partner with us for a tailored approach that ensures success in your staffing needs.

Our consultancy approach extends beyond mere outsourcing; we become strategic partners in your business growth.

Our dedicated consultants specialize in understanding your industry dynamics, allowing us to offer insights and recommendations that go beyond staffing solutions. By entrusting your desk-based jobs to our experts, you not only benefit from cost-effective and efficient staffing but also gain a valuable consultancy resource. Our commitment is to elevate your operations through a collaborative and consultative relationship that drives long-term success. Explore the potential of Causeway Connect – where consultancy meets outsourcing for unparalleled business support.

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We offer premium live chat platforms available at incredible value, starting from just £99. We achieve this by sharing the resource and therefore the cost across several businesses, reducing the level of expenditure required to activate live chat. A lot of businesses want the option for new and existing customers to contact them online through live chat, but find it doesn’t require a dedicated person, at least to begin with. That’s where shared resource services can help, by reducing the cost and sharing the resource.

With a modern, low cost digital customer solution

shared live agents can offer a superior online customer experience, while reducing your business costs. Contact us today to discover how we can turn on a fully digital customer service and support through shared resource for less than you think. Reword this for a website, use the word consultancy and change shared resource to dedicated experts