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Fully Managed Service

Welcome to Causeway Connect Your Premier ESG Consulting Partner.


At Causeway Connect, we believe in simplifying ESG and sustainability reporting without compromising on excellence. Our comprehensive approach ensures that businesses of all sizes, from micro-SMEs to global giants, can navigate the ESG landscape effectively.





Getting the Basics Right

Materiality Assessment & Competitor Review


Start with a stakeholder survey and competitor review to craft a strategy that's right on target. We delve into the intricacies of your operations to ensure your ESG approach is aligned with industry standards.

Supply Chain Auditing

Critical to sustainability is auditing your supply chain. We conduct in-depth analyses to identify areas for improvement, aligning your business with sustainable practices.

Board-Level Training

Empower your leadership with ESG insights through our board-level training. We break down complex concepts, ensuring your board is well-versed in the tangible benefits and costs associated with your ESG strategy.

Clarity and Affordability

Bespoke Approach for Every Client

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their ESG needs. We design a bespoke approach for each client, delivering through a fully managed service. Whether you're a startup or an industry giant, our approach is tailored to meet your objectives, on time and on budget.

Clear Strategy, Plain Speaking.

In a realm cluttered with acronyms, we prioritize plain speaking. Your board deserves a clear strategy without the confusion of consultant jargon. We help define and communicate the business benefits and costs associated with your ESG initiatives.

Expert ESG Consultants

Our dedicated ESG consultancy teams are your sustainability experts, providing on-tap resources for one-to-one consultations. We go beyond merely providing software, actively managing the process for you, so you can concentrate on growing your business.


Key Services Include

  • Board level training
  • Materiality Assessments
  • ESG Benchmark Assessments (GAP analysis)
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Audits
  • ESG strategy advisory and action planning
  • Staff training on ESG disclosures
  • Securing your ESG rating
  • Authoring Annual Sustainability Reports
  • Integrated Carbon Emissions Reporting
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ESG as a Managed Service

Simplifying Complexity and Reducing Costs


Opt for our fully managed ESG service, eliminating the need to purchase additional software. For our corporate clients, all software is included free of charge. Our approach minimises costs, allowing your key personnel to focus on their core roles without distractions.

Causeway Connect

Your Partner in Achieving Internationally Accredited ESG Excellence.
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