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Navigate CBAM and ETS with Ease: Welcome to Causeway Connect!

Let's Get Your Carbon Calculations Spot-On!


We're thrilled you're exploring how to get your carbon footprint calculations just right. At Causeway Connect, we believe in making the journey towards environmental compliance not just smooth, but also enlightening. Our team of friendly experts across Europe is eager to guide you through the maze of emissions data, ensuring your business is not just compliant with CBAM and ETS regulations, but also a step ahead in sustainability.



Join Our Engaging Workshops for a Swift Compliance Path!


Ever feel like the world of CBAM, ETS, and the EU's CSRD is a complex puzzle? We've got the perfect solution – our engaging Fast Start Workshops! These sessions are designed to demystify the regulations for you, offering clear insights and actionable strategies to position your organisation for quick and effective compliance. Why not give us a ring? Let's chat about how we can make this journey an exciting and rewarding one for your business.


At Causeway Connect, we're all about creating connections

Not just between regulations and compliance, but also with you, our valued clients. We're here to support, guide, and inspire your journey towards a greener future. Get in touch today and let's start this exciting journey together.