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Shared Consultants

Unlock premium live chat platforms at an extraordinary value, starting from just £99.


Our innovative approach involves leveraging dedicated experts, allowing us to share resources and costs across multiple businesses. This strategy significantly lowers the expenditure needed to activate live chat services. Many businesses aspire to offer online customer interaction via live chat, but often find it unnecessary to have a dedicated person, especially in the initial stages. This is where our consultancy-driven approach comes into play, effectively reducing costs and resource-sharing.



With a contemporary, cost-effective digital customer solution


Our team of dedicated experts ensures a superior online customer experience while simultaneously reducing your business expenses. Connect with us today to explore how our consultancy services can seamlessly activate a fully digital customer service and support system through dedicated experts, all at a surprisingly affordable rate. Elevate your customer engagement with our cost-effective live chat solutions, starting at just £99

Our consultancy-driven model emphasizes the expertise of dedicated professionals to efficiently share resources across diverse businesses.

By embracing modern, low-cost digital customer solutions, our dedicated agents provide an elevated online customer experience, fostering customer satisfaction while optimising your business costs. Empower your brand with a fully digital customer service and support system that's not only cost-effective but also delivered by dedicated experts committed to ensuring your success.

Explore how our consultancy-driven approach can revolutionize your customer engagement strategy at a price point that defies expectations.