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Unlock the Strategic Advantages of B Corp Certification with Causeway Connect!


The B Corp movement


Dedicated to championing businesses as a force for good, has experienced remarkable growth since the introduction of B Corp certification in 2006. Presently, more than 6,200 companies spanning 87 countries and 159 industries proudly hold the esteemed Certified B Corp distinction.


Certified B Corps go beyond mere commitment; they are legally bound to deliberate on the impact of their decisions across all stakeholders. This legal obligation extends beyond shareholders to include workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment.


In an era increasingly focused on sustainability, attaining B Corp certification stands as a strategic milestone for businesses aspiring to create a positive impact. Explore the profound benefits of B Corp certification with Causeway Connect, your consultancy experts, on board to guide you in securing this prestigious achievement.


Harmonizing with Core Values and Achieving Operational Excellence

The B Corp certification process, which encompasses the B Impact Assessment (BIA), empowers businesses to synchronize operations with fundamental values. This systematic approach reveals avenues for enhancement, fostering impactful, ethically-driven practices that contribute to operational excellence.

Enhancing Positive Influence

Engaging in a global initiative to reshape the definition of success in business entails making a meaningful contribution to a broader purpose. B Corps collaboratively strive to reform the economic system for the benefit of all, addressing challenges such as climate change, racial inequity, and democratic issues.

Professional Development Opportunities

Certification provides entry to the B Hive, a networking platform where employees can engage in role-specific groups, fostering peer-learning and professional advancement at no additional cost to the company.

Global Network of Impact-Driven Leaders

Certification establishes a connection to an international network of businesses and individuals who share a dedication to leveraging business as a force for positive change. This network cultivates professional collaboration, facilitates the exchange of innovative ideas, and provides robust support for collective progress.

Attracting and Engaging Talent

B Corp certification is an attractive feature for job seekers seeking purposeful work, aiding in recruitment with an increase in unsolicited applications from quality candidates.

Elevated Marketing and Branding Strategies

Certified B Corps gain access to invaluable marketing collateral and assets, including the prestigious B Corp logo and participation in strategically curated B Lab marketing campaigns. This enhances branding initiatives and elevates storytelling efforts.

Why B Corp? 


Is B Corp Certification a Valuable Investment? Undoubtedly, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Attaining the esteemed status of a certified B Corp positions your company as a leader in a global movement dedicated not only to profitability but also to fostering a positive impact on the world.


Embark on the journey of B Corp certification with Causeway Connect, your unparalleled consultancy partner in excellence. Elevate your business by selecting the Contact Us option above or scheduling a meeting today to discover how we can expertly guide your enterprise towards this, amplifying your sustainability journey and ensuring unparalleled success in the business arena.