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Premium RPO: Evolved & Professional Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Premium RPO

Bespoke, Premium Recruitment Outsourcing, With A Money Back Guarantee

  • Prestige-only Candidates – Guaranteed high quality, trained staff
  • No Upfront Fees –No initial cost with simple onboarding process
  • Flexible Terms & Contracts – Various options to suit your business
  • Unlimited, Free Replacements – We replace any candidate, for free
  • Average Efficiencies of 50%* – Half costs without comprising quality
  • Rated Excellent on Trust Pilot – Trusted & proven, customers love us
Trust Pilot

We believe in the success of our services

As a result, we offer a full money back guarantee.
If you’re not happy with our staffing services after the first month, we’ll offer you a full refund, no questions asked.

“I’ve been so impressed - not only in the initial cost saving but, in the quality, and consistency of work. The candidates were handpicked based on my specific requirement, then screened – the final few were interviewed and approved by me”
Dan V1

Watch our video on our Nearshore Outsourcing Business Centre in North Macedonia

Premium RPO built around you.

Premium RPO built around you.

No upfront costs, bespoke solutions, money back guarantee.

We are passionate about what we do, proud to be redefining and reshaping outsourcing to meet 21st-century business needs with a premium RPO experience.

  • Database Cleansing & Maintenance
  • CV Search and Selection
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Back Office and Admin Support
  • Data base management

Need an instant, flexible or temporary solution to deal with a sudden spike in work load or to support a big project or contract?

Introducing Causeway connects ‘On Demand’ premium outsourcing service. A customised, instant solution that can be tailored to your meet your business needs, professionally and fast

Causeway Connect Recruitment Academy

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service to our customers. To underpin this approach and ethos of excellence, we have founded the Recruitment Causeway Connect Recruitment Academy.

This enables us to recommend certified Talentors as extensions to your in-house recruitment teams. The recruiters we recommend from our database of certified recruitment staff are trained to approach the UK recruitment process in a highly professional, consistent and results-oriented way.

Causeway’s Recruitment Academy is operating in partnership with a UK licenced training institution for Human Resources Consulting. All courses and trainings offered by the Academy are conducted by personnel who is certified in training and consultations on the use of the tools ExtendedDISC and FinxS.

Benefits of working with an RPO


Hiring a recruiter, a sourcer or a trainee recruiter in house can be expensive. With our business model, you can cut those costs half and still gain the same quality of service, if not better. To put it in perspective: for the yearly budget of one recruiter, you gain 2 dedicated, remote recruiters.

Bespoke, Tailored Solutions

We know your biggest fear of RPO: ”Do I maintain control over the recruiters?” And that’s why we tailor every RPO solution according to each client’s business needs and requirements. You can engage with us through 2 different business delivery models: dedicated recruitment staff or project-based recruitment staff. Either way, we aim at providing staff exclusivity to each account we service.


The ability to scale your operations can be a very successful, profitable process. It’s costly too, therefore slow as you need the infrastructure, the equipment, the training and the right people. With Causeway, you’re skipping all that daunting part of scaling your teams, offering instant resource and to support to have ready for action. With our processes, a small or large team can immediately be deployed in our state-of-the-art office, equipped with everything they need to start working.

Pricing Model

We offer a flexible yet simple pricing model Think RPO services are expensive? Think again. Our pricing model is highly competitive in the industry, making it an irresistible offer. With no long-term contracts to tie you down to us, we’re more than confident that you’ll be extremely satisfied with our service and the Talentors we offer

Why Causeway Connect

1. Low costs, high quality guarantee

Businesses can save up to 60 per cent on operating costs with Causeway Connect – without any reduction in the quality or service levels. We guarantee a high-quality output, our perfect fit promise underpins this – we promise to replace any candidate, for free.

2. Accessibility and Language

We’re a UK business run from offices in England and Wales with 20 years’ experience in outsourcing.  We own a business centre in North Macedonia where we host hundreds of staff who work for our clients. Macedonia is few hours flight time away, meaning our customers can visit their team in the same way they would visit a remote office in the UK. There is also excellent levels of English in Northern Macedonia, with written and spoken English being taught in schools from a young age.

3. Time ZoneDifference

We refer to our unique service as nearshore outsourcing as our Business Centre location is a lot closer to the UK than other outsourcing locations. There are several benefits to North Macedonia over traditional outsourced locations such as India or the Philippines. It’s just an hour ahead of the UK, ensuring that your remote team is in the same mind set and time zone, fresh and ready for a days’ work, as they would be in the UK.

4. Selection process

We are committed to making nearshore outsourcing a smooth and simple process for UK businesses, akin to having remote UK based staff, but at a huge cost saving. Our unique and robust process to finding the perfect candidate for our partners is part of our bespoke service, coming at no additional charge or finder’s fee, it’s a detailed and comprehensive 13 point process where we find the perfect match, but the final interview and decision is always with the customer.

5. Customer Support Service

When we place a candidate, we not only ensure a good fit and high calibre through a robust selection process, but also support in the integration of them into the business. This includes support in the onboarding, induction, training as well as the hosting, the supplying of any IT equipment and support in the ongoing management. You’ll have a dedicated account manager and due to our perfect fit promise, if you’re not happy with a member of staff any reason, we will replace at no additional charge. You will only every pay one, low monthly fee.

6. Skopje Business Centre

Our outsourced team in Skopje, North Macedonia, works out of premium business centre, cutting edge in its design, infrastructure, and comfort. We believe in supporting our employees to ensure maximum efficiency and output for our clients, helping them to build career paths and achieve their ambitions. Because we believe that remote, qualified professionals should receive the same focus as the contracting business, ensuring a sustainable future where everyone can build growth through the outsourcing activity.