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The secret to fast, sustainable growth

With 20 years’ experience, we exist to help UK businesses of all sizes grow quickly and efficiently.

Causeway Connect simultaneously reduce costs while improving customer service and core processes.  Enabling true, accelerated growth through a mixture of low cost, dedicated remote staff, shared resource and technology.

From £99 businesses can access our platforms and resource pools to drive fast growth and improve performance.

Businesses of all sizes can leverage our talent pool, infrastructure and expertise to take them to the next level.

Our goal is to not only reduce costs, but also to improve the quality of the customer experience and brand experience. We guarantee satisfaction such is the quality and confidence in our services. click here to leave details to speak with a growth expert

We enable businesses to effortlessly plug into our powerful tools, support and talent pool.

  • NO overhead increase - we host and supply equipment

  • NO big investment in systems or processes

  • NO upgrading to a larger premises or extensions

  • NO expensive finder fees or upfront costs

  • NO long term commitment

  • NO national insurance costs

We are committed to making nearshore outsourcing a smooth and simple process for UK businesses, akin to UK based remote staff, but at a huge cost saving to drive business growth.



‘Causeway Connect have been amazing for our business. They supply very high quality, low cost staff, this give us a huge competitive advantage in the market place . The commitment of the team continues to impress me while our costs have nearly halved’

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We enable businesses to effortlessly plug into our low cost, highly skilled talent pool without the associated expense, time and investment associated with recruitment and management of staff. That means we support, host, and equip your team member or members, so there’s no investment in systems, processes or upgrading to a larger premises required. The staff are highly motivated with an exceptional work ethic that can often save you more than 50% on costs.  You’re also increasing the talent pool and range of skills available to you – with staff shortages in the UK across this give you access to top talent at half the cost.   

We can also offer 24/7 support with a range of flexible shared resources at a very affordable cost, this is supplemented by a range of low-cost language skills, if required. With no long-term commitment or contracts our flexible services can be used to cover short-term increases in output.  Your business can become a multi-sited operation with a European presence overnight, without any of the headaches, time consuming processes and cost associated with finding, interviewing, and recruiting talent. The talent and staff are very well looked after very well at Causeway Connect also – they are our most valuable asset so we treat them as such.  We’ve significantly invested in a large, contemporary, modern office with a higher-than-national-average salary on all positions to ensure our staff are happy and comfortable – our high retention rate of staff is a testament to this. Working with Causeway and having staff in Macedonia means you are supporting an emerging country with highly skilled staff, strong levels of English who have limited opportunities. Enabling employment and creating jobs, careers, and prospects to driven individuals who want to work for UK based businesses.  

From a client point of view, you just need to send us your Job description or wish list of skills and experience. Ideally, we’d also have a call to understand employment culture, full requirements for the role, ideal candidate and soft skills. We then do the rest although do believe the choice should be yours; so, we supply you with our recommended, pre-screened candidates for you to interview over video call to ensure the right chemistry is there and you find the perfect match for your business.  


Our 12 point process behind the scenes to get your perfect candidate:  

  1. We undertake the search for candidates via our own database, LinkedIn, Facebook, forums, head hunting, seminars, job fairs, job boards and more… 
  2. Causeway Connect interviews the best candidates from the above search to ensure candidates match the requirements provided in the JD 
  3. Causeway Connect conducts any specific tests (Language, technical skills,) that the customer requires us to do as part of the clients recruitment process 
  4. Short list of recommended candidates is provided to our internal Head of Sourcing 
  5. Short list is approved to be forwarded to the customer, to reflect the original meeting and ensure we have provide the perfect match for your needs 
  6. The recommended candidate CV’s are formatted, the interviewers notes added and sent to the customer 
  7. Meeting (virtual or face to face) with the customer to discuss the recommended candidates CV’s 
  8. Agree with the customer which of the ‘recommended’ candidates they wish to interview and when 
  9. arrange and set up the interviews with the customer and the candidates, create a detailed  ‘customer pack’ for each candidate including references 
  10. The customer interviews candidates  
  11. One of our sourcing Team will speak with you, to get your feedback, discuss the candidates and agree how you wish to proceed e.g. who would you like to be short listed for 2nd client interviews  
  12. After the process is complete, agree who you would like us to make an offer to and arrange all contracts and required documents.  

The simple answer is everything – you’ll only ever pay one, low, flat monthly rate. This includes the cost of a full-time staff member for Mon to Fri (if that’s the contract you’ve selected), any IT equipment including laptop and broadband along with any office furniture or specific requirements for the individual. The fee also includes the induction process and the ongoing localised support in the day-to-day management, HR processes, attendance monitoring and performance assessment.  

Our Offices are based in Skopje, North Macedonia. North Macedonia is a land-locked country settled in the heart of South-Eastern Europe. Due to several key factors, it’s fast becoming a hub for UK companies looking to get ahead of the outsourcing curve. Read our blog here on why we feel it’s the perfect location for UK business to ‘nearshore’ outsourced staff : https://causewayconnect.com/blog-post/what-makes-north-macedonia-the-next-big-outsourcing-location%E2%80%AF/. Our offices in Skopje are located in a very modern, highly spec’d office, fully furnished  with modern furniture in an open plan design including break out rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and all the features of a modern work space. We’re very proud to have one of the highest rated and premium office in Skopje for our staff to thrive in. Watch our video to give you a better feel of our offices here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShuxlfiXrJM&t=5s Equally in these COVID times,  the individual can work from home, or blend WFH and office work, if requested by the client.  

Yes, all our staff and the roles you require can be provided 24/7/365. We specialise in providing businesses low cost, 24 coverage with several bespoke products that give UK businesses a 24/7 helpdesk presence, thacan also be multilingual, if desired. Several of our existing clients benefit from a 24 hour live help desk in several countries, time zones and languages, seamlessly managed and delivered by Causeway Connect at a low cost. 

Yes, we provide candidates and roles with a wide variety of language skills at an affordable cost

We only ask for a 90-day commitment at the commencement of the agreement, following that just one month’s notice to terminate the agreement. Additionally, should the candidate not turn out as you required during the initial 90 days, we will provide a replacement at no extra cost.  

You can be as hands on or removed as you’d like with your staff. Some businesses like daily catch ups with their team members, others more removed. Either way, we provide a comprehensive internal management structure that is responsible for ensuring that your team(s) members fulfil all their obligations and duties as you require. This extra layer of experienced, local management and support is provided at every step, with no cost or extra charge. You will be provided with a point of contact within the management team to enable you to discuss and agree any areas that you require. We also provide a suite of management tools that monitor and report on all areas of employment from Attendance, holidays though to recording performance and appraisals. Our management team is available 24/7 to ensure that even staff members that are working shifts have a clearly defined reporting and escalation procedure  

Simply put, no – we never charge any recruitment costs or finder fee, it’s all part of our comprehensive, premium staffing service where you pay one flat monthly fee.  

We believe in long term relationships with our clients, building successful teams and a lasting working partnership. If you’re not happy with your team member for any reason, we’ll find a solution, either by replacing the staff, or working with you to improve performance and resolve your dis satisfaction. Our management team will assess the issue to understand if the team member will benefit from additional training or coaching. If this is not possible or the client wishes we will simply replace the individual. Either way we will work with you to ensure your businesses success, – either through development, mediation or replacement.  

Yes, we encourage customers to come to Skopje, see the offices and meet with their team members. Your point of contact within our management team will make all the arrangements for you to get the most out of your visit. You can visit your team in Skopje as easily as you’d visit your team in the UK, as the flight routes are simple, direct and low cost to North Macedonia. We book Hotels and organise travel arrangements on your behalf, it’s less then 3 hours travel time with just 1 hour time difference so no jet lag or time zone difference.  Many of our clients enjoy the culture, food, low cost of living and weather so much, they often extend their stay or revisit with friends and family, such is the charming nature of the Macedonian culture and people. Equally the cost is minimal for your remote staff to come to visit UK, with many Macedonians’ enjoying the opportunity to come to the UK, having a strong affiliation and appreciation of UK culture 

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