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What is ESG

The worlds changing climate and the inevitable impact upon our environment, is becoming an ever growing and urgent issue. Many commentators suggesting it will be the single most important factor in the post-Covid business landscape. The environmental ’emergency’ requires all businesses to engage with the issue and to play their part. Its time for everyone in business to understand ESG – Environment, Social, Governance – and how these three themes will impact the business landscape and affect organisations of all sizes across the World.


The ‘E’ of ESG refers specifically to the environment, but merely understanding the emissions, waste, and raw materials consumed isn’t enough. How do businesses understand the wider impact and measure the impact across the supply and through to the end user.

ESG demands a new depth of reporting. Since all products and processes consume natural resources and influence the environment to an extent, we must measure their impact as accurately and detailed as possible. Social


Our natural world is more than the environment it exists within, there is the social and human context too. Whatever the size, sector, or type of organisation, it employs people whose health and wellbeing are intertwined with their employer’s activities. Corporate anti-slavery statements were created because of this thought process.

The ‘Social’ element within the ESG movement considers the organisational policies and practices across a broad range of human issues; human rights, business ethics, diversity & inclusion through to supply chain management. It reveals the social impact of the way a business operates and how it


Corporate governance is focused on risk and honesty, and touches on almost all corporate activities, including board and management structures as well as policies, information disclosure, auditing, and compliance. That’s where the ‘Governance’ comes in with ESG.

Honesty and transparency are critical pillars within the corporate landscape, with the Volkswagen emissions scandal highlighting the impact this can have. Similarly, commitments to privacy and anti-bribery are universally accepted.

Governance is driven by risk awareness and the deep, regular assessment of a company’s macro and microenvironment. For example, changes in the climate could bring drought or flooding risk, representing a material risk to the business, the building, its employees and general continuity.

Our approach

We believe ESG starts with understanding. A deep understanding that’s moulded through rigours data analysis that in turn helps identify ESG improvements and opportunities. That’s why we focus on quality reporting as a core feature of our ESG support. We work to provide a bespoke, scalable reporting platform coupled with the training and support to enable every organisation to commence their ESG awareness and improvement programme. We work with ESG pro, a specialist, award winning provider of ESG solutions to deliver an affordable, impactful complete service.

Essential support throughout your ESG journey

Essential support throughout your ESG journey

  • We focus on skills, not software
  • Start with user onboarding (typically 8 hours)
  • Which frameworks and material topics
  • Stakeholder questionnaires etc.
  • Progress to 5—day kick-start (delivered in 2-hour units)
  • Progress with monthly ½ or full-day reviews
  • We audit responses, check for evidence, create bespoke company policies, advise and train
  • Generate benchmark report and add further material topics, supporting the users throughout supply chain management, procurement, carbon reporting (if applicable) and C-Suite training
The benefits of ESG reporting

The benefits of ESG reporting

  • Access to ‘green capital
  • Core element of public tenders
  • Pre-IPO and stock exchange requirement
  • Regulatory reporting compliance
  • Risk reduction
  • Business reputation,
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Client acquisition
  • Key driver of cost reduction initiatives

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