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Simplifying ESG Reporting for UK SMEs

Simplifying ESG Reporting for UK SMEs
  • May 23, 2022

Construction The importance of ESG reporting SMEs are initiating ESG reporting because of supply chain demands and consumer pressure. Industrial or professional, everyone is affected, regardless of business type. Regulation is pushing Net Zero, and your firm’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals demand detailed reporting related to emissions, waste, energy, equality, safety and much more. This isn’t just ‘more red tape’: ESG is an opportunity. It enables you to win more clients, and it’s critical when seeking investment.

By working with experts to meet your obligations, you gain enhanced public relations, and the resultant operational efficiencies more than outweigh any costs. A total service designed for SMEs to report on their Environment, Social, and Governance performance. SECTOR SUMMARY Regulatory pressures The latest variations to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 force a 10% weighting to be applied to ESG conformance on bids for public funds of >£5m. Annual reports are more than numbers. Your non-financial reports (NFR) should indicate how your institution takes the initiative in defining its own material ESG risks and opportunities.

Consultancy to add organisational value Quality reporting on environment, social, and governance factors doesn’t need an army of lawyers and accountants; ESG was never intended to be that way. We formed ESG PRO because we believe there’s a better way! We work with your stakeholders to configure your reporting platform, saving you weeks of work. We train you, step by step, helping to create your first benchmark report. From there, you’ll extend your scope and progress to supply chain auditing. Your staff will appreciate being supported on creating your KPIs and Action Plans – essential parts of your ESG journey – and through our monthly reviews, you will have our expert eyes ensuring your statements meet the evidentiary thoroughness which is the hallmark of an ESG disclosure.

Working together for a win/win

• Take as much or as  little support as you need, whether hourly, daily, weekly. Every client gets a bespoke solution.
• Proceed at your own pace, with your dedicated consultant helping you to keep on track without making everything too complex. Your self sufficiency is our goal!
• Remote consultancy saves you as much as 75% vs. on-site, but on-site support is available.
• With our expert partnerships, we’ll guide you on how to make significant environmental and governance savings which typically more than offset any costs of ESG reporting.