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Case Study - Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer
  • May 28, 2022

The client:

Our client’s network covers over 180 towns and cities across the UK, which represents over 75% of all UK businesses. Their cutting-edge network is fully software-defined, meaning key network changes are fully automated and they were chosen as one of the top 50 companies to work for in the UK.

The position: Salesforce Developer

The idea of the role Is to assemble a team of salesforce developers, ideally 4, that will work on acquiring, collating and assessing requests for new functionality within our customer Salesforce.com environment and producing, testing and launching new Salesforce functionality.

The skillset:

Understanding of SFDC including objects, fields, workflows and Validation rules Programming languages APEX, Java, PHP Practical experience of the Force.com API, APEX, Visualforce and other tools to extend the product to meet user’s needs. Strong communication skills and ability to work as part of a team BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field

Recruitment process :

Recruitment period: 6 months

Total Number of candidates: 20

Shortlisted candidates: 4

Chosen candidates: 2

Hired candidates: 1 ( starting date the second of March)

We had trouble sourcing candidates for this position, as the salesforce community in Macedonia is very small, it consists of about maybe 50 people who are avid users and knowledgeable in Salesforce and have the specific certificates. They also tend not to switch jobs and are very skeptical of the salesforce projects in Macedonia from foreign companies.