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Case Study - Marketing & Operations Assistant

Marketing & Operations Assistant
  • May 11, 2022

Industry: Media Production
Our client is a UK based company dedicated to delivering the market participants’ opinions on online media platforms. Through buyer-led content, they clarify the impact of market developments through sector-specific reports and events.

Position: Marketing & Operations Assistant
The idea was to find someone who would provide administrative support to the Head of Marketing & Operations. The role was a combination of marketing and operations tasks. The ideal employee would have to update the
company’s website, post content on social media, prepare email marketing campaigns, track marketing statistics, maintain internal operations plans and provide event operations and administrative support to the team. Initially, they were looking for 1 person and currently, here is a possibility of expanding the team.


  • Marketing experience
  •  Administrative experience
  •  Data Analysis knowledge
  •  Data Entry experience
  •  Data Formatting experience
  •  Market Research
  •  Event Management
  •  Organisational skills and attention to detail

Recruitment process and Results

Status of the position: closed
Date opened: 16/12/2019
Date closed: 13/02/2020
Duration of the recruitment process: 2 months

16/12/2019- 03/01/2020: sourcing/ contacting applicants/ initial phone interviews
04/01/2020- 15/01/2020: shortlisting/ additional sourcing/ sending candidates’ CVs to the clients
16/01/2020- 31/01/2020: client interviews
01/02/2020- 13/02/2020: additional client interviews and written tasks
13/02/2020: 1 candidate accepted the job offer

Total number of candidates contacted: 26
Source: Job ad applicants + Internal database
Total number of CVs received: 26
Total number of candidates that were pushed forward to the clients: 18
Shortlisted candidates: 5
Client interviews: 5
Hired: 1 (on 13/02/2020)

Candidates available on the market:
We had trouble finding candidates with a combination of marketing and administrative experience. The candidates with good marketing experience were more interested in digital marketing oriented roles and the candidates with good administrative/ operations experience had little or no marketing experience. Some of our potential candidates had good digital marketing skills, some of them were more administrative oriented and also there were some
candidates with a lot of data analysis and data management experience. The candidate that was hired had experience with logistics, administration, creating marketing materials, organizing events and data management.