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Case Study - Implementation Network Engineer

Implementation Network Engineer
  • May 18, 2022

Industry: Telecommunications

Our client is the UK’s leading Digital Service Provider and they operate the most advanced network in that area. Being the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in London, they deliver high capacity, low latency connectivity, and cloud services. They are also providing bespoke Cloud and Connectivity solutions exclusively to the UK market.



Implementation Network Engineer

The idea was to create an Engineering Implementation team within the company in order for that team to be in charge of the technical implementation work. Initially, they were looking for 2 people. After that, they decided to create a team of 3- 4 people.


CCNA certificate
Networking technologies,
topologies and routing
protocols experience
Network troubleshooting,
network connectivity issues experience
Network monitoring and repairing experience
Routers and switches configuration experience
Cisco equipment experience
Help desk experience
LAN, VLAN knowledge
OSI model and layers knowledge IPv4 and IPv6 knowledge and experience CPE/ Core configuration, port configuration, IP addresses knowledge Recruitment process and Results Status of the position: open Date opened: 24/12/2019 Duration of the recruitment process: 1 month (ongoing) Timeline: 24/12/2019- 03/01/2020: sourcing/ contacting applicants/ initial phone interviews 03/01/2020- 16/01/2020: shortlisting/ additional sourcing/ sending candidates’ CVs to the clients 16/01/2020- 27/01/2020: client interviews 27/01/2020: 1 candidate hired Current status: sourcing and interviewing additional candidates. Report: Total number of candidates contacted: 49 Sources: LinkedIn sourcing + Job ad applicants Total number of CVs received: 29 Total number of candidates that were pushed forward to the clients: 13 Shortlisted candidates: 5 Client interviews: 4 Hired: 1 (on 27/01/2020) Candidates available on the market: We had trouble finding junior candidates with CCNA certificate, the candidates who already had a certificate were too senior for this role. There were a lot of candidates who had experience working with Cisco equipment and there were also a lot of candidates in the talent pool who had experience with configuring routers and switches. There weren’t many candidates who had help desk experience combined with networking knowledge. The main problem was to identify the candidates who had the relevant knowledge and experience but weren’t too senior.