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Why North Macedonia is the Next Big Outsourcing location

Why North Macedonia is the Next Big Outsourcing location
  • April 4, 2022

North Macedonia is a land-locked country settled in the heart of South-Eastern Europe. Due to several key factors, it’s fast becoming a hub for UK companies looking to get ahead of the ‘outsourcing curve’.

But what is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process in which a company or a business shifts the operations, service or any other business task to a partner or 3rd party. This is naturally a big decision for any company, with lots of questions and potential pitfalls, so companies must choose wisely when deciding who to partner with. There are several reasons as to why companies outsource, mainly to improve cost efficiencies, improve processes and achieve low cost growth.

Below is the top 5 reasons North Macedonia is fast becoming the new kid on the block in the world of outsourcing.

  1. Cost-effectiveness 

Unlike most of the countries in Europe, the labour costs in North Macedonia are considerably low when compared to Western and Central Europe. North Macedonia is not an EU member, along with a comparably low cost of living when compared to the UK and a lot of Europe. According to Mark Knights, the editor of Captain Words, aside from the cost-effectiveness, outsourcing to North Macedonia is ‘simple’. There are no additional fees, while secondments and apprentices are also available for lower costs.  Most desk-based jobs can be filled with a 60% reduction for a similarly qualified and experienced candidate when compared to the UK.

  1. Location, Location, Location

When it comes to the geographic position, North Macedonia has several advantages over other popular outsourcing destinations, like India or the Philippines. While India and the Philippines are in south-east Asia, North Macedonia is in south-east Europe. Not to mention, North Macedonia is bordered by countries like Greece and Bulgaria, the process of visiting and outsourcing is therefore fairly easy. Furthermore, you do not need special visas to apply for if you would like to visit North Macedonia. Additionally, the air traffic and the road infrastructure are excellent, so it is easy to visit the country even on short notice. This only adds to the good location of the country as businesses can visit their outsourcing operation quickly and easily, without any significant cost or delay.

  1. High English Proficiency 

In North Macedonia, the English language is taught in every school, starting from the first grade. That is usually when the children are 6 years old, so most of the professionals in North Macedonia are fluent in English from an early age. By the time that they reach the age of 18, more than 98% of the populations are well versed in English. 

  1. Education Is Key

The outsourcing prospects are generally motivated, talented, and well-educated professionals. The Schooling and Educational system in North Macedonia is one of the best in the region, with strong English skills taught early as mentioned in the previous point. There are other informal educational centres (such as Semos, Brainster, Seavus) that provide good education, resulting in a strong educational infrastructure and a high level of qualifications throughout the Country.

  1. Culture and Time Zones

Two key areas that make North Macedonia a true asset when it comes to outsourcing is the culture and time zones. Thanks to the location in south-eastern Europe, North Macedonia blends easily within the western values. Additionally, the workforce from North Macedonia is easily adaptable to the workings and operations coming from the UK. The time difference of only an hour makes the workflow a lot easier, enabling more cohesiveness, collaboration and instantaneous, real time problem handling and issue fixing.

Bonus: The Weather Is Excellent, And So Is The Internet

According to the data from SpeedTest.com, North Macedonia ranks in the top 30 in the world for mobile internet speed, add this to the lack of monsoons, typhoons, cyclones, and a generally very pleasant hot climate; Northern Macedonia ticks all the boxes. A stable, well connected, easily accessible location packed with well-educated talent with strong level of English – available at a low cost. When all these factors are considered, it’s no wonder it’s fast becoming a popular destination for businesses looking to outsource without compromising on quality.

Causeway Connect has already explored the potential that North Macedonia has to offer, the UK-based company has been outsourcing to North Macedonia for 10 years, working with a wide range of businesses and organisations. As a very well established and highly regarded employer in the Macedonia region, the company has a strong reputation and excellent retention rates, attracting the very best of the local talent. The headquarters for the operation are based in a brand new, modern premises in the heart of Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, which clients can visit and base themselves from on visits.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of outsourcing in North Macedonia, or just want to talk through the process and discuss your options, we can help. Our shared resource helpdesk means outsourcing is now even more accessible and affordable, with outsourcing available to businesses no matter the size and budget, starting from just £99.

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