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The Changing Face Of Outsourcing - Causeway Connect

The Changing Face Of Outsourcing
  • January 10, 2022

The concept of outsourcing is nothing new. In fact, major global brands have outsourced everything from customer care to manufacturing for decades. While this has often seen the name of outsourcing muddied by negative connotations, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and is now far more accessible to SMEs and startups across the UK and beyond. 

Could outsourced services and workers support the future of your business? Here’s everything you need to know 

Why Outsourcing Is No Longer A Cold, Corporate Tactic 

Outsourcing was considered as very little more than a cold cost-cutting strategy for the big organisations. However, it is now accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes, as is underlined by the fact that over $75bn is spent globally each year on outsourced security alone, and can establish a far more positive atmosphere for everyone.  

There are two main driving forces behind the changing face of outsourcing. The first is that digital communication has made it easier for teams to connect via online channels. Secondly, the pandemic forced the business world to adapt. 

The subsequent rise of remote working can deliver a plethora of rewards for businesses and workers alike, including but not limited to; 

  • Businesses can build a workforce that is spread out across the UK or even the world.
  • Workers can enjoy a better work-life balance by avoiding commuting and, in many situations, setting their work schedules.
  • Companies can hire temporary workers without the hassle of more traditional channels.
  • Workers can tap into the gig economy market to work multiple freelance jobs and charge a premium for their services.
  • Businesses can test the waters with expansions without committing to larger work premises.
  • Employees can avoid working with colleagues they do not like.

When added to the fact that remote working supports social distancing and safer working practices, it is particularly useful in the current climate. However, the financial, logistical, and functional benefits should not be ignored either. Remote working has been shown to boost productivity by up to 47%

Using Outsourcing In A Productive Way 

One of the driving forces behind the improvements has been the fact that many small businesses that use outsourcing now outsource with good intentions. By creating a situation that promotes happy workers, companies can see an additional improvement of 12% in productivity levels. 

Outsourced services should focus on partnering only with remote workers that prefer this way of working. Causeway Connect have access to a shared pool of resource services from just £99, making it a particularly cost-effective path for SMEs and micro-businesses, especially as outsourcing can be used to upscale the venture in style. Dedicated staffing solutions are available too, which can provide long-term stability even when using a fluid work setup. 

On a side note, outsourcing in the right way allows business owners to dedicate more time to their own-store teams, particularly when the outsourced elements need little management. Remote workers bring their experience and expertise to the table, which means they’ll often have a better understanding of how to produce the best deliverables. 

When outsourcing provides a suitable approach for employers and employees alike, it can be the catalyst for long-term success. 

At Causeway connect we work with an array of businesses, from small start-ups who dip into our shared resource, or have one person to help with the marketing, right through to bigger clients who have a 20 strong support team with us.

Our business centre in the centre of Skopje is the heart beat of our business, where we manage and host our staff on behalf of clients  – watch our video here

To find out more how causeway connect can help get your business to next level – regardless of size leave your details here for a no obligation consultation.