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A Marketing Team Without an Office

A Marketing Team Without an Office
  • April 18, 2022

The dawn of the marketeers.

Despite fear, uncertainty and isolation, there is one other mechanism that was brought forth along with the
COVID-19. The dawn of the marketeers.

Long before the virus of ‘’biblical proportions,’’ marketing teams were viewed by many as the underdogs of the company that always prevail. Hence, it is safe to say marketing aficionados are and will be the ones that survive this
‘’great flood’’? Creative by nature and always restless and inventive, a marketing person never really accepted their regular office as a ‘’natural habitat’’. Industries just made it seem so. A cubicle, a monitor and a designated lunch break never really did marketing teams much of a favour. Some might indulge themselves with digital marketing, or social media marketing, email marketing or even mobile advertising.

However, they are all creatures of an adventurous spirit and an innovative mind. What keeps their creative juices flowing are the shifts and changes in environments. What keeps them on their toes rather than a classic face to face meeting, is them tackling through every possible communication platform, presenting their ideas across countries, apps and software.

It’s so last decade

Whether they are operating in the HR industry, software development, finance, or sales companies, a marketing team locked up in one office is so last decade. Let your marketing people run wild, and across nations. Causeway Connect has been successfully managing marketing teams of all walks of industries for the past five years and delivering efficient results to remote bosses across Europe.

The New Normal

Take the opportunity of the marketing team’s moldable character and utilize their skills despite the miles that may separate you from their actual offices. The global economic condition of new normal being forged before our eyes is not governed by any particular system, state or law. Much like any great empire that existed before the dawn of the millennium, it appears to be held together by a common belief. That common belief is a mutual working culture and profit-driven interest. Throughout the world, more and more business, entrepreneurs, experts and owners are called to join it. They must decide whether to stay loyal to the old ways of the industries and 9-5 office jobs or answer
the call and take the risk. More and more each day, as our own company’s flourishment can show, chose to join the new age of hiring remote workers.