Why Millenials Are The Workforce of The Future

We’ve got this! The famous line that describes Generation Z or as most people know them – Millennials. We are truly privileged to have this young and ambitious generation leading today’s business-focused world. So, are Millennials the workforce of the future?

Millennials Then vs Millennials Now

Nowadays, a lot of people have found their way to success and have already gained financial independence by the age of 25. The career paths of young workers today are not even close to those of our parents’ or grandparents’. In today’s modern world, job opportunities areendless. And the only way to move forward career-wise is by constantly learning and self-improving.

Recruiters are constantly competing to find and recruit the most talented individuals on the market. Their jobs today are vastly differentfrom what it was even 10 years ago. Sourcing is done almost exclusively online, and the interviews don’t contain cliché questions such as: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

“We don’t need the companies; the companies need us!”. This is the mindset that many Millennials have today, and the funny thing is that it’s completely true! Companies are willing to go the extra mile to recruit the right young and creative minds out there.

The Workforce of the Future

The biggest question here is: Why are millennials considered the workforce of the future? The answer is very simple. These people are multitaskersrisk takerstech gurus, and most importantly, highly ambitious. According to a recent study, 91% of millennials are regular internet users73% work more than 40 hours a week26% work extra paid jobs and surprisingly 12% said it’s unlikely they will ever retire.

Nowadays, money is no longer the biggest motivator for a millennial. They strive for new opportunities, recognition, feedback, and a balance between work and social life. Almost 40% of the companies do not offer any recognition to their employees, but this will likely change soon. In this world, where millennials are the leading workforce, companies must know their employees’ main priorities: money(92%), security (87%), holidays / free time (86%), great colleges (80%) and flexible working (79%).


Generation Z has a massive impact on the way that we communicate today. See, Share, Blink and Forget are the four communicational steps used by Millennials. Their ability to multitask combined with their rapid media consumption helps them rapidly filter the needed information. So, the best way for a recruiter to grab a potential employee’s attention is to adapt to the existent and create new forms of communication.

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