Intelligence Apps And its use for Future Intelligence

The days when employees were gratified with simple mobile-enabled access to key business applications and data are gone. Today’s digital natives demand much more than this, they anticipate intelligent user experience and highly usable as offered by consumer apps. Intelligent apps assure to provide

Chasing Unicorns PART 2

Chances are that if you’ve been in the HR and recruiting industry for more than a few months, you’ve run into that monumental question that plagues recruiters: Should you strive for quality or quantity?

Chasing Unicorns

Part 1: Causeway Connect: The Early Days   There is one moment in every person’s life when it comes to their career that they look back on after a while, realizing at present, that that was the moment which shaped how they spend each day at their work and the challenges they undertook.

Importance of Having a Profit & Loss Account

The profit and loss account provides information about an enterprise’s income and expenses which results in net profit or net less. It helps a businessman to evaluate the performance of an enterprise and provides a basis for forecasting future performance. The profit and loss account describes diffe