Case Study:  

Do you ever have enough Digital Marketers when you run an agency? 

Client Profile 

Our client Is a relatively small digital marketing agency providing a wide range of digital marketing services to a portfolio of companies from different industries. Run by experts in Marketing, the company works with a small in-house team of digital marketers among which are inbound marketers, PPC and SEO experts with rich knowledge of the ever-changing digital landscape. 

Client’s Requirements: 

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Manager to setup, manage and report digital campaign performance regularly and to maintain and optimise campaign performance over various platforms; 

  • Excellent English Language skills – verbal and written; 

  • Overall experience and solid familiarity with digital marketing platforms; 

  • Ability to work independently; 

The Challenge 

The founder of this digital marketing start-up faced the challenge of not having enough time to devote to growing the business by reaching out to new potential customers and do the actual work: create, run and optimise digital marketing campaigns.  

That imposed the need for support; a specialist who can take over much of the work related to the creation and management of campaigns. In addition, if the support staff proved out to be good, they’d expand the portfolio of services they’re offering to stay up-to-date with latest digital trends and changes.  

In the beginning of January 2018, the company had a large project including designing, running and managing campaigns over several traditional digital marketing channels and few emerging platforms. The campaign required a professional who has the knowledge and understanding how digital marketing campaigns are created, run and managed, and who would also feel confident to master emerging platforms in digital advertising.  

The project had a strict deadline and a defined budget, and based on this, the company conducted a thorough research on workable solutions in terms of outsourcing the position. Most of the options presented to them didn’t make much sense mainly in the pricing and conditions part, until they contacted Causeway Connect.

The solution  

The Director of the agency got in touch with us with his requirements and the goal he wants to achieve. He also explained to us what didn’t make any sense to him about the entire process of outsourcing during his research phase, so we were able to identify what he needs.  

Our Director and Marketing Executive presented in clear details how we work and what are the benefits of implementing our processes into their business at the early stage of growth.   

Hiring a dedicated employee at the stage where the business was, meant more time for the Director to focus on bringing new business and to monitor effectively the work done for existing customers.  

Plus, having a helping hand’s fresh perspective contributing to the work done is always beneficial.  

At this stage, our client decided that outsourcing this position to a dedicated employee who would work closely with him from our remote centre resonates well with his goals and objectives.  

The process 

  • We leveraged Causeway connect’s talent acquisition channels to attract candidates with the right skill set and experience who would fit in the role’s requirements. 

  • Our local team of recruiters and HR officers uses our centralized applicant tracking system to easily do the screening of CVs, do the background checks and efficiently process candidates in their initial phase of the job filling process.  

  • Using sophisticated knowledge and automated processes, the recruiters match the client’s requirements with the applicants’ skills and experience. The first pass yield at this stage was 90%, so the client received a number of highly qualified resumes to screen personally.  

  • After shortlisting the candidates personally, the client interviewed the digital marketers to see who the best fit for the position from all aspects is. 

The Results 

  • Hired and deployed a digital marketing campaign manager who is now responsible for Planning, running and optimizing campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords and Bing and for general Social media marketing. 

  • The new member of the company’s staff is situated in our remote centre, communicates with the in-house team on a daily level and participates on all meetings via Skype and other communication channels.  

  • New team member has rich knowledge in digital marketing technologies and according to feedback from the client, the significance of her contributions to the work the agency does is major.  

WHY Causeway Connect?

Experience – Causeway Connect is the leader in providing resource service solutions in Europe with over 20+ years of experience in business management and shared service industry. We understand the mechanics of business growth; and we know how important the role of good employees is in it. 

Devoted Management – with us, you’re not just outsourcing to a third provider. Using our rich experience in business management, partnering with us means gaining a business consultant who offers sophisticated business solutions for any operational change you want to make in your company. 

Best practices – your dedicated team acts as an extension to your in-house efforts. Our model of work includes highly sophisticated and organised processes within Causeway Connect and in the communication with our clients. We use industry renowned software solutions to automate those processes and offer even more sophistication.

Long term results – our experience of working with many companies from the UK has shown that our model works wonderfully for companies who manage their operations strategically. Their teams have grown in number of qualified people, team members are highly connected with their colleagues in-house and collaboration levels are only raising.  

Famous by growing along with our clients 

Our motto is: Don’t let country borders stop you from exploring talents throughout the world. In today’s digital era, when everything can be done on a computer, a business must leverage that in their advantage.  

And we’re here to make this decision for company owners, operations managers and department managers as easy and less risky as possible.  

Our reputation as a devoted, organised and trust-worthy resource service provider has served us well in partnering with companies from a range of industries: IT, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, media and technology.  

How can we add value to your business? 

Whether you need a strategic approach in managing your operations, or you need a fully customized business solution for staffing, partnering with us means getting support for growing your business every step of the way.  

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